The Conservatory of medicinal plants


The Conservatory of medicinal plants

The National Conservatory of Plants of Milly-la-Forêt invites you to discover the relationship and interactions of the Man with the natural world.

The National Conservatory of Perfume, Medicinal, Aromatic and Industrial plants is an amazing place in France, revealing the extraordinary diversity of plants and specifically those from the PPAM field: Plants used for Perfume, Aromatic and Medicine. The various gardens and the collections of the Conservatory contain more than 2000 species. A space of exhibition drags you in the Odyssey of Nature. Provided with tape guides, go off to explore the botany, the uses of plants and interaction between mankind and its environment. A walk in garden introduces you to the various uses of plants, weither they are medicinal, aromatic, textile, tinctorial, repulsive…
Sharpen your curiosity in the garden of the rare and threatened plants, the tropical greenhouse. Thematic animations take place throughout the year and during the big event Le Marché de l’Herboiste and Heritage Days. The sales area proposes any sorts of products (herb tea, jam, essential oil and local products), a bookshop department on the theme of the plants of the Conservatory, the organic cosmetics, herbalist’s shop, play games and a whole range of grocer’s shop. The nursery garden is in the entrance of the shop and proposes hundreds of utility species.
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Opening times

From 02/04 to 27/10.
Closed on Monday.



Adult: 7.50 €
Teenager (13-17 years): 6 €
Student: 6 €
Job seeker: 7.50 €
Disabled: 7.50 €
Set price group adults: 6 €.

Free entry for children < 12 years.
Group rate available for > 10 people.

Payment methods
  • Bank/credit card
  • Cheque
  • Cash

CNPMAI - Direct :
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