How to move around


on demand transport

Several minibus  allow you to travel from one village to another, and from and to the train stations and the commercial area.

Upon reservation, from 30days before departures to at least one hour before, using the app TàD Ile de France Mobilités, one the  website or by phone (+33) 9 70 80 96 63 (fom monday to friday, form 9.00am to 6.00pm)

Works with Navigo pass, or subway tickets sold on train stations. Tickets can also be bought on the minibus.

Transport à la demande

Transport à la demande – cliquez sur l’image




Bike rentals

Electric VTT Milly E-Bike Location

VTT, VTC,..Fontainebleau Bike Rental 

public transportation

Several bus lines connect the villages and the train stations : Les cars bleus

Find below the links to the buses schedules (please be aware that most of them operate only during school period, and from monday to friday).



Buno-Bonnevaux/Milly-la-Forêt (via Maisse, Prunay, Boigneville et Courdimanche)

Etampes/Milly-la-Forêt (via Boutigny et Maisse)

Oncy-sur-Ecole/Evry (via Milly, Moigny, Dannemois, Courances et Soisy)

Oncy-sur-Ecoles / Boutigny-sur-Essonne (via Milly, Dannemois, Courances et Moigny)