Fontainebleau massif  is a real paradise to practice bouldering outdoor and all year long, weither one is a beginner or a pro, on boulders from 2m to 10m high.

One can only be impressed by the number (dozen of thousands boulders, in 300 areas and more than 30 000 clibing routes), the quality and variety of grey sandstone rocks scattered in this beauriful forest.

No rope needed: a pair of climbing shoes, a crashpad, a towel and a brush are enough.

In these superb chaos, hundreds of routes have been painted on the boulders by passionate climbers, the different colours used represent different levels of difficulty

It is important to follow security rules, to respect all the other users and the fauna and flora, and to preserve this unique natural area (no littering)


Where to climb? Find every information about areas and routes on:   -  CoSiRoc  

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Good Practices

Charte du Promeneur

Good practices charter