Tourist tax information


  The Tourist tax has been  set up on the 15 cities of the  Communauté de communes des Deux Vallées, on february the 23rd 2016, These 15 cities are: Boigneville, Boutigny-sur-Essonne, Buno-Bonnevaux, Courances, Courdimanche-sur-Essonne, Dannemois, Gironville-sur-Essonne, Maisse, Milly-la-Forêt, Moigny-sur-Ecole, Mondeville, Oncy-sur-Ecole, Prunay-sur-Essonne, Soisy-sur-Ecole et Videlles. According to the article L.2333-29 of the General Code of the Territorial Collectivities, the tourist tax is due by people hosted against payment, who do not live in the city, and who do not own a house in the city for which they are due to pay a housing tax .   Since January 1st 2018, the departments have set up an additional tourist tax, which amount is 10% of the collectivity tax.

Tourist Tax 2018