Museum in Boigneville


Patrimoine culturel

Designed and built by the municipality, located in the former barn of the country guard, the eco-museum aims to recall and present the lifestyles, historical, cultural and natural contexts of a rural village Gâtinais.

Place de l'église
91720 Boigneville
01 64 99 40 07
01 64 98 83 17
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Presented on 3 floors, the collection allows you to discover a rural village in the French Gâtinais. Agricultural machinery, school equipment, photographs and posters will immerse you in the life and history of Boigneville.
The exhibition presents objects, photos, tools, posters of rural life in French Gâtinais since the beginning of the century. On the walls is a large collection of photographs by Fernand Lemon, who accumulated a profusion of clichés on the theme of the daily campaigns. An open book on life in France and more particularly in South-Essonne in the twentieth century.


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Free entry for children < 6 years.

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