Maison Jean Cocteau


Patrimoine culturel

The house was turned into a museum that showcases some rooms as they used to be when Jean Cocteau lived there. The visitors can dive into the mythological and baroque universe of the famous poet.

15 rue du Lau
91490 Milly-la-Forêt
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Guided tour only

In 1947, Jean Cocteau decided to settle down in Milly-la-Forêt with his boyfriend at the time, the very famous actor Jean Marais.

He bought this old house which used to belong to the Château de la Bonde, the castle where once lived the admiral of Graville during the 15th century. He spent 17 years of his life in Milly until his death in 1963 with his boyfriend Edouard Dermit (also known as Doudou). Edouard Dermit took care of the house until his own death in 1995.

The museum lets us dive into the mythological and baroque universe of Jean Cocteau throughout the furnised and decorated rooms. You can also have a walk in the bucolic garden surrounded by the irrigation canals and moats from the castle Château de la Bonde. All along the visit, you will discover some photographs of Cocteau's life but also some of his work such as drawings or written notes.

The house of Cocteau now belongs to the Conseil Régional as part of a donation the 11th of September 2019. It was classified as a "Maison des Illustres" by the Ministry of Culture.

It is important to preserve this house and better know this artist from the 20th century with his rich and special work that brought a lot to the French culture.


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Free entry for children < 10 years.

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