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This church is located just next to the castle of Courances and was built during the 12th century. Inside of it, there is a tombstone of a knight who died during the Hundred Years War.

38 rue du Commandant Arnoux
91490 Courances
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In the center of Courances, the beautiful church of Saint-Etienne is standing proudly just next to the castle, one of the nicest in the region. It was built during the 12th century and was extended several times throughout centuries, especially as the church has some stability’s problems. The fortified bell tower was built during the 16th century and then the nave during the 17th century.

The decoration is newer and dating from the 19th century and it was decided by the lords of Courances. The church was classified as part of the Monuments Historiques in 1981. Inside of it, a lot of statues representing saints can be seen. The altar is quite original as it is wood-paneled and finely detailed.

The particularity of this church is that, in addition to its fortified style, it possesses a small polygonal tower hiding a stair that is stuck to the bell tower. Furthermore, the building has overall a 12th century’s style with a quadripartite choir that has two naves and no apse.

Several tombstones can be seen inside the church such as tombstones of ancient lords of Courances. However, the most remarkable one is the tombstone of Jehan Monsalt. He was a knight who bravely fought and died in 1376 during the Hundred Years War. The recumbent effigy represents a lying man, praying and with a shield against one of his legs.

The church is dedicated to Saint-Etienne (Saint Stephen), the first deacon and martyr of Christianity who lived during the 1st century. He was accused of blasphemy and was executed by stoning after his trial. He is the patron saint for deacons and paving workers.

SOURCE: Mairie de Courances, “Le Patrimoine Religieux de Milly-la-Forêt et de la Communauté de Communes des 2 Vallées” des Amis de Milly-en-Gâtinais et Environs, Parc Naturel Régional du Gâtinais Français

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