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The church of Maisse went through a lot of evolution since the 12th century. The furniture of the church is also very interesting.

rue de la Ferté Alais
91720 Maisse
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The church started its building back in the 12th century. The Roman bell tower is the oldest part of the church which evolved a lot until the 15th century mixing both Gothic and Roman styles. It was founded by the monks of Saint-Médard which was one of the two religious communities located in Maisse. Until the French Revolution, the village had a second church dedicated to Notre-Dame and was founded by the monks of Saint-Eloi de Paris.

The arches were built when the church was redesigned during the 15th century. The furniture is mostly from the 19th century. The high altar and the retable both are finely detailed, especially a frieze representing Jesus and his apostles. Inside the church, several paintings and sculptures of saints also can be seen. Outside, we can easily see that the church has been damaged during World War II and that some walls have been quickly restored with concrete.

An epitaph from Etienne Ingrain who was a miller during the 16th century and a bas-relief were classified as part of the Monuments Historiques. The church itself was classified in 1926.

The church of Maisse is dedicated to Saint-Médard de Noyon (Saint Medardus) who lived during the 5th and 6th century until his death when he was 89 years old, which was extremely old and rare at the time. He was born in Picardie and was the son of a noble’s couple. When he was a child, he was used to helping and giving to the poorest people. He was very close to Clovis and even assisted the bishop who baptized him. He became a bishop later in Vermand and Tournai. He died naturally and was buried in the Saint Medardus’ abbey near Soissons. He is the patron saint for farmers, prisoners and people who have struggles with mental health. His name is also used a lot in French sayings.

SOURCE: Mairie de Maisse, “Le Patrimoine Religieux de Milly-la-Forêt et de la Communauté de Communes des 2 Vallées” des Amis de Milly-en-Gâtinais et Environs, Parc Naturel Régional du Gâtinais Français

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