Bénédicte Barrat


Commerce et service

Graphics, illustration

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34 rue de la Chapelle Saint-Jacques
91490 Milly-la-Forêt
06 12 22 96 21
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Chartered Graduate in Graphic Art Academy Charpentier - Paris, Bénédicte Barrat will know how to put her know-how at your service for various requests.
Professional, for the creation and production of communication documents (logo, visual identity, brochure, flyer, poster, flyers, book publishing, graphic charter ...), to the individual, for the realization of an invitation, personal illustration on order for a birthday, a birth, to please ... or to offer oneself.
On computer and traditional techniques: watercolor, pencils, ink.
As much fascinated by graphics as by illustration, she juggles between these two practices for the work entrusted to her.

Prestations, conforts et services

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