Bélisame Créations jewelry


Bélisame Créations jewelry

This craftswoman creates porcelain and glass jewelry. It also offers ceramic restoration services.

Véronique Faudou-Sourisse, graduated from the Louvre School and awarded in the 2007 SEMA Isère, has been restoring all kinds of ceramic objects (porcelain, earthenware, biscuits, stoneware and pottery) for almost 30 years using archaeological and museological methods.
With her experience in the arts of fire, she decided at the same time to launch in 2019 the brand of porcelain and glass jewelry "Bélisame Créations". Necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches and earrings are entirely designed and shaped in the workshop using noble materials and ancestral techniques. Each jewel is unique and will embellish you and make you dream.
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