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Guided tour of the Cressonnières du Moulin du Ruisseau in Moigny-sur-Ecole + Guided visit to the last producer of peppermint at Oncy sur Ecole.

47 rue Langlois
91490 Milly-la-Forêt
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Guided tour of the Cressonnières du Moulin du Ruisseau:

Typical setting of traditional watercress culture. Presentation and demonstration of the different stages of the work as well as the specific tools used. A bundle of watercress is offered. Sale of watercress products (terrines, soups ...).

Guided tour at the latest producer of Peppermint:

Visit the Clos d'Artois Farm, the last family farm of medicinal and aromatic plants in the around of Milly-la-Forêt. The guided tour of the peppermint fields (depending on the date) will continue with that of the dryers. A small tasting will finish the visit.


Moins de 20 pers : 160 €
De 20 à 50 pers : 8 € par personne

Gratuité d’un accompagnateur à partir de 20 personnes.

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